Meet World War ll Navy Veteran Howard Raymond Green

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Howard Raymond Green age 90

Air Force Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery

Branch: Navy Infantry

Rank: Quarter Master 1

Served on Weeden 797 

From 1943- 1946

About: Today at 90 years old, Mr. Green lives alone in Florida, he golfs 2x  week, drives up to 2 hours away from home, shops, goes to church and church events and attends Friday VFW Post events. 

After leaving the military he drove a bakery truck, before starting a career working for a greeting company.

Mr. Green grew up in Rochester, New York and was stationed at the Staten Island Navy Yard.

Married in 1945 and remained married until his wife passed away in 2013, after 67 years of marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Green have 4 children and many grandchildren.


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