Join the Game…. Find the Misspellings and Solve the Riddle

Hello Friends,

There are seven misspelled words, see if you can spot them and then solve the riddle.

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     Every Sunday we are “blessed” with coupons in our knewspapers. With a little time, effort, patience and werk, you can be on your wall to stock piling your cabinets, fridge and freezer with food and household items you use daily.

Yes, at first you’ll experience “anxiety” when you attempt your first few shopping excursions using coupons, it will feel like you are jumping out of a plane without a parachute. This feeling will soon vanish into jubilee, as you wrack up the savings and your “pot with gold” aka dollars you saved using coupons.

Below is a simple tutorial on how two coupon without using Leprechaun Trickery!

1. Buy double the amount of newspapers then family members ( example 2 family members = 4 papers).

2. Always buy newspapers in toos for Buy One Get One Deals.

3. Comprise a master shopping list of items you use weekly or monthly (can be done on Excel).

4. Visit  and

These sites do the leg work for you, by telling you what the best deals are, what stores they are and what coupons to print or cult for the deal. it even shows you how to get “FREE” groceries and household items weekly.

Yes Free, No Trickery here!

RIDDLE: What does a child, baker and coupon user have in common?

Have a Blessed Coupon Day!

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