April 2012 was a time of sorrow and concern for our large family. We not only laid our father to rest, we battled my husband’s unknown illness and the doctors suggestion my hubby had 6 months left to life. We were advised to make final plans, sign power of attorney papers, living wills and more.

June 2012 with hearts filled with a mixture of sadness and happiness, our family watched my brother Jon Tibben’s oldest son walk across the Florida State Fairgrounds stage with the Class of 2012 Robinson High School graduates. We were so proud of Anthony Tibben and his success. Though our dad was in heaven, his presence was evident. My hubby had to be wheeled into the graduation ceremony in a wheelchair, as the illness robbed him of the ability to walk.

Anthony and Bob 6/2012


Today 3 years later, our family was once again attending a graduation ceremony at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This time my brother Jon Tibben’s youngest son was graduating from Robinson High School with the Class of 2015. Our hearts were filled with pride, as they announced Justyn Tibben’s name. We are so proud of all his hard work to get to this juncture in his life.

My hubby attended the graduation today, as he did 3 years earlier, however today he walked into the graduation and climbed the stairs with only the use of a cane. Tears of gratitude to the Lord for healing my hubby and allowing him to heal. 3 years later my hubby has quit smoking almost 1 year now.


Reflecting on what a difference a small window in time can make, my heart is filled with happiness!

I’m so blessed to have my large family, to have witnessed 2 nephews graduate high school and am thankful to the Lord above my hubby was alive to attend these events with our family.

      What the future hold, no-one knows, but I’m excited to see the journey laid out before me.

                       Congratulations Class of 2015 Robinson High School Graduates!! 

Have a blessed day!



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