Less is more…


Does this picture resemble your house or your life?

Over the last year my family and I have learned to live a less cluttered lifestyle.

Though we reside in Florida, we chose to give up Central Heat and A/C.

We decided to adopt an easier way of life, applying some of the peaceful ideas the Amish follow, like less is more.

A roaring fire in our brick fireplace warms our home in winter (lol, it’s Florida), while fans, portable A/C units and opened windows our home.

Sunlight streams through our windows, lighting our home. During the day, sunlight is our only source of light. At night we use lanterns and small lamps for nighttime lighting or the light from the fireplace.

When we moved to our new home last winter, we made the decision to live a clutter free lifestyle. It was a hard, tedious process, but we purged needless materialistic items we had held on to for many years, which served no real purpose, other than to clutter up our lives and home.

Adopting a tranquil lifestyle offers peace, harmony and happiness.

Challenge #1

Look around your home, can you find 5 items you’ve kept for years, but never used?

If you got rid of it today, would your life end or would it be freer?

Continue this every day for 30 days and see how much clutter dissipates.

You’ll notice it takes less time to clean the house, find things you need and you’ll feel freer and less stressed.

Challenge #2

Now look at your weekly calendar….

Can you find 1 or 2 non-essential items you can elevate from your schedule?

Would your kids be happy playing stick ball outside rather than being on a team?

Take a trip to yester-year and recreate outdoor playtime like we experienced as a kid, turn off the television, computers and game systems, enjoy the fresh air.

Delegate a chore or two to someone else or hire someone to do it.

By taking these simple challenges you can free up hours of time.

When you release the elephant off your back, you’ll feel less stress and enjoy life more!

Who is up for this 30 day challenge to declutter your life?

Amish house

To take the challenge simply comment below “I will”.

Please share this post and follow/like this post.

Have a blessed day!

Wen Dee


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