5 Problems with Social Media

Day 1 of 30 day Writing Challenge

In today’s society social media rules the world. Humans have lost the ability to communicate face to face with one another without texting, using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media outlet.

Another issue with social media is it can and does destroy lives. Sadly people of all ages, especially teens post all their “dirty laundry”, along with photos of themselves committing crimes, under age drinking, doing drugs, stealing cars, dressed inappropriately and more.  People of all ages forget that social media posts last forever, even after they are deleted an imprint is still in cyber space.

Today many businesses, schools, clubs etc. use social media as a way to determine if you a good candidate for the job, school or club. Many people have lost good jobs or have been in trouble at school due to a social media post.

Teens and adults meet strangers on social media everyday. Some reveal private information about themselves, trusting the person across the screen. Unfortunately not all social media users are nice, some are murderers, predators or drug dealers etc. Social media has lead to abductions, drug bust and even people being killed by someone they met online.

Some people use social media as a sounding board and cause drama to everyone reading the posts. Others become addicted to online sites, while they neglect their family members, as they spend hour after hour online.

One of the biggest issues with social media is you are exposed to the world.

My advice to anyone using social media is be cautious!

Please comment below with why you like or dislike social media.

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Have a blessed day!


Author Wen Dee


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