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Grandpa Bob, my mom Sheila, brother Jon, brother Barry, grandma Betty and me

Earliest Memory

My youngest memory is of my grandpa Bob taking me on his boat, he bought for me before I was born, named”Honey”. From the time I was 6 months old my grandpa would take me on his boat. He taught me to fish,how to steer a boat, how to care for a boat, paint it and more. 

From the time I was 6 months until I was 13, my grandpa Bob and I spent all our time on the boat. We would fill jugs with cold drinks, make egg and ketchup sandwiches, and cookies or cake to take with us on the boat. Every morning I’d help my grandpa make coffee on the boat, open the curtains and the windows.

My summers were spent helping my grandpa on the boat and fishing with the guys at the boat yard. Each year there would be fishing contest and grandpa would enter me. I was a kid, the other contestants were all adults. Despite my age I would catch more snapper and electric eels than anyone else. I even learned how to catch crabs with large metal nets. As I grew and learned more, my grandpa would let me help clean, skin and filet the fish before we brought home for grandma to cook.

My grandpa left this world in 1991, however I still miss him more than words can say.

This is my earliest memory, what is yours?

Share your earliest memory in the comment section.

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