Day 4 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

10 Interesting Facts About Yourself

Today’s challenge was share ten interesting facts about myself.

Here goes, some more interesting than others, lol.


First fact is: I’m left handed and can read and write upside down.

Second fact is: I’m a Vegetarian, because I’m allergic to all meat and most fish. I’m almost allergic to peanuts and many other types of nuts.

Third fact: I love learning American Sign Language and using it with the Special Needs I work with.

Fourth fact: I adopted a child from Romania in 1990.

Fifth fact: Bob and I renewed our wedding vows on the 60 yard line of the old Bucs football stadium, after we won a Tampa contest.

Sixth fact: I love reading and writing Amish stories, in English and Dietsch (Amish language).

Seventh fact: I’m a Free lance writer and have had several articles printed. I write short stories and currently am writing several fiction books and an E-book on couponing.

Eighth fact: I’m married almost 30 years. I met and became engaged to my now hubby the same day we met.

Ninth fact: I love watching birds and taking their photos.

Tenth fact: I’m a Jewish girl from Brooklyn, New York and believes in the Lord.

*** What 10 Facts describe you? Please share in the comment section ***

Have a blessed day!

Thanks for visiting my blog page,

Author Wen Dee


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