Day 6 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

Words to delete from our writing

Though my monthly writing classes at Brandon Christian Writers in Florida and endless hours of research via books, workshops and online searches I’ve learned some valuable lessons to improve my writing (no I’m not an expert by any means).

In this blog I will share some of my most valuable lessons with my readers, in hopes of teaching others what I learned, so we can all improve our writing skills.

First: “but” should not be used ever…. in negates anything written or spoken before the “but”. Example: I did my homework, but I left it home. (You negated the fact that the homework was done, by adding “but”). Instead you could write…I did my homework, however I forgot it at home.

Second: Limit or avoid using “ly” and “ing” words in your writing, choose a more powerful word. Example #1: The boy ran quickly, he didn’t want to miss the bus. Rewrite: The boy raced for the bus, so he didn’t miss it. Example #2: Sue was running and fell, scraping her knee.  Rewrite: Sue scraped her knee, when she ran outside.

Third: Limit or avoid using filler words and overly used words. Replace them with more powerful words or delete them entirely. Example: Tom ate a piece of cake that he saw on the table. You can delete the word “that” by adding a comma after cake. Tom ate a piece of cake, he saw on the table. You can also replace (saw) with spotted for a more powerful sentence.

Lastly: Delete or avoid “be verbs”, choose a more powerful word to replace the “be verb”. Many times you can delete the “be verb” word without having to rewrite the sentence. Example: Sue wanted to be a writer, when she was older. Rewrite: When Sue grows up, she wants to become a writer.

be verbs

I personally took a challenge earlier this year to write a romance story without using  any “ly” words, “ing” words, “be verbs” or overly used words. I’m 1/3 way through the challenge and thus far, have been successful.

Challenge yourself today to implement these rules in your writing and see the difference it makes. Good Luck in your writing endeavors!

Happy Writing!

Have a blessed day!

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