Day 7 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

5 Fears I have

Today’s challenge was to write about my fears. Everyone has fears, from the time we are children, till the moment we take our last breath, we will experience fear.

What are you most afraid about?

As children we are afraid of monsters, clowns and the dark. The older we get the more fears we acquire, like making new friends, public speaking, taking a test….the list goes on and on. Adults fear many things like rejection, abandonment, losing a job, paying their bills, their child’s safety and more. Senior Citizens fear dying alone and sometimes death itself. Even animals experience fear from predators.

Fear is all around us, how we choose to handle the fear determines our strength or weakness. Do you let fear hinder you? I know I Do!

My fears are sort of weird ones and they do hinder my life. Sadly I’ve not been able to over come these fears during my 48 years on earth.

Fear #1: Driving, I am a horrible passenger and terrified of cars coming toward us or near us on the road. I do not drive, because of this fear. I also see things closer than they appear, which scares me more.

Fear #2: Trucks, the 18 wheeler types…. not sure it is, because growing up in NY, I heard and saw many over turned trucks or just their size. Either way they scare me.

Fear #3: Elevators, I think my fear from getting stuck in an elevator at a young age. Also my baby brother getting lost in an office building when the elevator door closed before he got out with our family. He ended up on one of the upper floors, while we were on a lower level.

Fear #4: Needles, this fear started when I was a kid and the nurse could not take my blood test, she pricked me so many times it left a painful scar with me. Then after finally getting the tubes full of blood she dropped the tube on the floor and it broke, so we had to start all over again. Though I completed nursing school, just looking at a needle makes me sick to my stomach.

Fear #5: Fear of Heights…. This is a funny one, as I worked in the World Trade Center on the 8th floor and many times had to go to the 102nd floor of the trade center for business. I also lived in an apartment complex with several levels. Even going through the parking garage to the roof level freaks me out.

What are your fears?

Please leave a message in the comment section and share your fears.

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Have a blessed day,

Author Wen Dee

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