Happy Mother’s Day

Today we honor moms everywhere, regardless if you are a biological mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, step-mom, grand-mom, sister or any other type of mom.

Wishing all the moms a specially blessed day with your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Hope you make beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

This mother’s day I’ll share a little about the mom’s in my family.

There is my mom Sheila who has two sons and me. Then there is my step-mom, who has two biological sons and two biological daughters plus two step-sons and one step-daughter.Both these moms also have daughter-in-laws.

I decided to go the easy route and adopted our daughter overseas.

My sister Danielle has a teen daughter and my other sister Regina has two sons, one is two and the baby is about a month old.

My sister-in-law Annie has four beautiful daughters, my brother is raising. There are twin girls and two older girls. Annie’s oldest daughter is a mom to an almost one year old, making the first two mom great grandmas and Annie a grandma.

My sister-in-law Cathy and brother graced our family with a beautiful girl too.

Last but not least my sister-in-law Jen, along with my brother and my niece’s mom blessed our family with nine children.

Yes we are a big family. There are four generations in the photos below.

Top left my mom and me, my sister Regina and her family.

Second row: My step-mom and my two sisters

Third row: My sister Regina and her son, Top right: Sister-in-law Annie and her girls,

Right middle: Sister-in-law Annie’s four girls, Bottom right: My sister-in-law Jen, my brother and their nine children.

Bottom row: My sister Danielle and her daughter, My niece Ashley and my great niece Ember, My brother and sister-in-law Cathy with my niece and lastly…My sister-in-law Annie, her daughter Ashley and Ashley’s daughter Ember.

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Have a joyous and blessed Mother’s Day!

Author Wen Dee



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