Day 9 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

How I Spend Your Day

Today I was challenged to share how I spend my day.

I am blessed to not have a traditional daily schedule. I can go to sleep and wake up whenever I desire. I am the sole caregiver to a disabled husband and an adult child with Autism and many other disabilities. I’m also a writer/editor, as well a coupon educator.

How do you spend your day?  What would you like to do differently?

Here is a sample of my day starting at midnight ….

12 am Typically I go to sleep

2-3 am I usually awake briefly

6 am hubby wakes up, I assist him to get out of bed and get him settled

6:30- 7 am I go back to sleep

8-8:30 am Wake up and Pray

8:30 am Check Facebook and E-mail messages and talk to my mom online

9 am Feed the chickens and check on Momma Jo’s eggs waiting to hatch.

9 am Collect eggs from Momma Jo, when she isn’t brooding

9:15 am Check on Penelope the potty belly pig

10 am- 12 pm household chores and prepare home school lessons

10 am -12 pm Eat breakfast or Brunch (usually cheese, yogurt or cereal)

10 am- 11 am  Shower and dress

10 am -12 pm Online activities, banking, social media, job searching, promote my friend’s businesses and more

12 pm- 3 pm Start crock dinner some days

12 pm- 4 pm Home School my Special Needs Adult Daughter

Our goal is to get her a GED by the end of this year.

4 pm – 6 pm Run errands, sometimes eat salad/veggies or some other vegetarian item

6 pm- 12 am I do my personal writing and do edits for others, serve my family dinner, watch tv, while doing tasks online, Facebook, Care. Come, Craigslist etc.

End of day: Pray

Note: In between all those things listed above, I deal with phone calls, my mom’s needs, farm and garden needs, my disabled hubby/daughter’s needs and more. I also volunteer and take educational classes.


How would you like to share your day?

Thanks for visiting my blog, please follow, like and share.

I love reading your comments, tell me about your day.

Have a blessed day!

Author Wen Dee


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