Day 10 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

Part 1 of My Three Pet Peeves

Today I was challenged to write about three of my Pet peeves. I am going to write them in three separate blog posts, due to the emotional reactions these posts will evoke.

My first Pet Peeve is caregiver’s (parents) leaving a child in a hot locked to die.

It is inconceivable to me, a person can remember their cellphone, briefcase, purse and other non-important items, while leaving an innocent, helpless baby or young child strapped into a carseat in a locked car.

Studies have shown it takes less than 10 minutes for a car’s interior to reach triple digits in warm weather climates like Florida. In less than an hour a baby can die.

My thoughts on this subject are…. If you can’t be responsible enough to care for a child in your custody, then you should not take on the role.  If you are too preoccupied, stressed, stoned, drunk, mentally incapacitated or for any other reason can’t ensure the safety of  child in your care, get professional help (call 211, friend, neighbor, police or in extreme cases a stranger). As far as I’m concerned there is no excuse for leaving a helpless child in a hot car to die.

*** To prevent this from happening, leave one of your shoes in the backseat. This way you will never leave the car without checking the backseat first. ***

Please share this post and maybe save a child’s life!

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Have a safe and blessed day!

Author Wen Dee


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