Day 12 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

Part 3 of My Pet Pet Peeves

Today I’ll share the last of the 3 part series on my Pet Peeves.

This blog post will be slightly controversial, though it is close to my heart.

Recently in the news was a story about a VET, who was living in a tent with his family. The family hit hard times and became Homeless.

How does the Government allow this to happen, especially to a man who is a VETERAN? This man served our country and now his family are sleeping a tent.

To say this angers me, is an understatement.  Homelessness is fixable!

In many other countries the residents receive free medical care, housing assistance and in some places even free college education.

The USA is not a third world, how can we treat our VETS like TRASH?

Our government needs to wake up, stop being greedy, stop the politics and do what is right for the people.

No human bring should ever experience homelessness or hunger in America!

We treat animals better than humans, this is tragic.

Recently my family’s house burnt down in a fire, leaving 14 people homeless.

We tried to raise funds to help our family through Go Fund Me, we raised 1/3% of the goal, yet an injured dog raised over $40k in less than 24 hours.

People in America care more about a dog than a family, this is WRONG!

Wake Up America, contact your public officials to End Homelessness.

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Have a blessed day!

Author Wen Dee


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