Day 14 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

Social Media Class

Yesterday I attended a free class at the local library on using social media to promote and share your writing, artwork or whatever your business is.

The presenters were a husband-wife writing team from a local writing group Brandon Christian Writers, I attend

Despite the husband’s plane having a 2 hour delay and having to miss the workshop, his wife put on an amazing presentation. We learned so much and everyone had a great time. The event was hosted by Brandon Art Council

I would like to share some very valuable lessons I learned at the workshop.

  1. Branding is very important, all your social media sites need to have the same photo of you as the rest. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. all should have the same consistency. As a writer for example your readers need to know, regardless of which social media place they see your info, they know by the photo it is you.
  2. Extremely important….keep your personal pages separate from your author/writing or business pages.
  3. If you have multiple sites, yet only post or update one, don’t use the other one. A reader who comes to your blog, Facebook or Twitter page and sees the last post was a month ago, will leave and not return.
  4.  You need to blog/post at least 1-3 times per week to keep readers engaged.
  5. Form a bond with your readers by responding to comments within 24 hours. Important: Like and comment on other people’s post, this will help build bonds and increase your followings/likes.
  6. Another important tool in blogging and even posting on Facebook is scheduling your posts. Both WordPress and Facebook over scheduling features in their settings options. For example: I write on the weekends or late at night, however do not want share my blog posts in the middle of the night, so I schedule the time/date I want the post to publish.
  7.  Most readers will read a blog post at 10 am weekdays, so it best to schedule post to publish at this time.
  8. Facebook, WordPress and Twitter all have a share feature. By going into the settings of WordPress you can have your blog post automatically publish to Facebook and Twitter, every time you post a new blog.  ** Facebook also has a feature in the settings where you can link it to share with your Twitter readers.
  9. *** Make sure your social media pages are fresh and up to date ***
  10. *** Keep your business, art page, writer page fun and inviting, without being cluttered with none related posts (kids, pets, drama etc.).

I am by no means an expert on blogging or social media, however I love helping and educating others to start blogging and using social media more. If you have 1 question or a million questions feel free to message me for help. In the contact us section is my contact information. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for visiting my blog page. Please like, share and follow with friends. Comments are always welcomed.

Have a blessed day!

Author Wen Dee


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