God’s Lesson for Me

Day 16 of a 30 Day Writing Challenge

Faith does not mean trusting God to stop the storm, but trusting him to strengthen us as we walk through the storm.

Today I learned a valuable lesson from God in a very unusual way.

For the past week, especially over the past 24 hours, I’ve been very anxious, nervous and I guest you can even said not trusting (unlike me).

I prayed and prayed about the situation (see below) and today He answered my prayers in a very unusual way. He calmed my fears and replaced it with pure joy!

Earlier this year I became a newbie chicken mommy. We converted an old rabbit hutch into a chicken coop and enjoyed the daily egg or two Momma Jo graced us with.

Then Rusty Rooster appeared on our property and graced us with baby chicks, sadly the first clutch did not survive.


Last month, Momma Jo and Rusty (he now resides on a big farm, as he was too noisy for us, lol)  blessed us with 2 fertile eggs.

In preparation for the baby chicks I researched every online site I could find, read books and asked thousands of questions over and over again.

I did not trust in Momma Jo to handle the situation, nor did trust in the answers I received from my research. I was anxious, nervous and shaky.

Today was “Hatch Day” and every 30 mins from the time I woke up, I checked on the progress, still no chick. Very discouraged I did more research, asked more questions…still no chicks.

Finally I threw up my hands and prayed, asking the Lord to help me, guide me and bless me, as I turned my concerns over to HIM. A few minutes later I went to again check on Momma Jo, it was now around noon and under mom’s wing was our first chick.


The Lord replaced my fears, concerns and anxiousness with a joyful chirping blessing!

Once I stopped trying to handle the situation on my own, He answered my prays.

I am so blessed, excited and calmly awaiting chick number two, due Wednesday.

What lesson have you learned in an usual way, like I did?

Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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Have a blessed day!

Author Wen Dee


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