Respect Others

Why Do People Not Respect Other People’s Belongings?

A pounding on the door jolted us from our Sunday  morning activities. A police officer informed us, our properties were burglarized last night and they have arrested the criminals. He also informed us the crime was caught on video tape.

I call my husband and another family member, who lives in the house on our property and inform them of the incident. We look around our yards, in our garage, barn and out buildings to see what was stolen.

My brother’s motor bike was taken, I notify my brother and then tell the officers.

The officers have found the motor bike, along with the two teens/young adults thieves.

Saturday morning my friend’s husband Drew went to pick up his work trailer, filled with his tools and supplies for their flooring company (about $5,000 in value), to find the loaded trailer was stolen from a local storage facility.

Totally Floored if found call Kelly (813-391-4745)  Last seen in Lithia, Florida

Why do people think it is ok to steal or destroy other people’s property?

I was raised to not touch without permission any item which did not belong to me. I was taught to respect other people’s property. I was taught stealing is wrong!

The teens who robbed us, were admitted drug users.

What has this world come to? Do we need 10 foot tall fences to secure our property, 24/7 armed guards, attack dogs?

Yes we have DVR Security cameras installed around the property, sadly a power outage caused the porch lights and cameras to malfunction.

Maybe it was a blessing, other wise we might be in jail right now, for defending our land and our belongings.

How do we stop these needless crime from happening to good people?

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Author Wen Dee




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