Worry Not Commandment

Worry Not

Why do we worry?  Does it solve the problem, fix the concern or make us feel better?

The answer is NO, NO and NO!

No, worrying does not solve anything, nor does it fix the problem and it can make us physically ill, not better.

Then why do we worry?

Is it something we learn as a child to do? Is something we are trained to do?

Though we are not taught or trained to worry most people, worry everyday about something, money, health issues, elderly parents, kids, family, work… the list can goes on and on.

The bible tells us to trust in the Lord and NOT to Worry. It is believed, if we truly believe in “HIM”, there is no reason to worry. “HE” will provide, protect and care for us!

I recently watched a video by Pastor Andy Stanley, not your typical pastor, he is down to earth and explains things in simple terms, called “Worry Not.”  I highly suggest you watch the video and see how you can join the “Worry Not” movement.


Personally several years ago, when our family hit rock bottom, I spoke to the man above and asked for his help. I put my issues/problems/concerns in his hands. I decided at that moment, I was no longer going to be sick from worrying. It served no good for me to worry, at that time my husband was deathly ill (of course I was concerned), never worried though. I knew the Lord had a plan and on his time schedule, “HE” would answer my prays and “HE” did!

What is weighing on your heart and mind? What is causing you to worry?

Give it to Papa God and “Worry Not”

Share your Worries below in the comment section.

Please share this Powerful Message with others.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a Blessed Day!

Author Wen Dee


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