Learn How to Write a Million Dollar Book

What would you do with a million dollars?

Author and speaker Ray Edwards earned over a million dollars with a book he wrote. As you’ll learn in the podcast below, he describes the process and easy steps it took to write and earn over a million dollars.

I watched and listened to the podcast as part of a Free Writing Summit going on today through June 22nd. I’ve included the link for those who would like to attend the online summit. You are given 72 hours to view each presenter’s podcast.

I learned so much today from this amazing and informative presentation.

Below is some of the key points of the presentation:

  1. Anyone can become a successful writer, if they put in the time, effort and determination needed to complete the task.
  2. “Stop Thinking, Start Writing” Simply put, stop making excuses why  you can’t blog, write a book or do a podcast….just do it!
  3. Create Space on Amazon has a limit of 110 pages. For books like, how to books, teaching books or any type of writing.
  4. Readers will choose to purchase shorter books and will finish reading them, compared to larger books on the same subject.
  5.  You can dictate a book in a weekend
  6.  To be successful, you need to read a lot and write a lot
  7. Great Blog and Book Titles attracts the reader

*** Ray Edwards uses the “Pastor system” to write a million book, successful blogs and use on his podcasts. ***

What is the “Pastor System”?  Watch Ray Edwards free podcast to learn more.



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Author Wen Dee



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