Worry Not Commandment

Worry Not

Why do we worry?  Does it solve the problem, fix the concern or make us feel better?

The answer is NO, NO and NO! Continue reading


Trivia Sunday Answers

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Question 1: How many seeds in a Strawberry

Answer: 200 seeds

Question 2: What is the biggest beef day?

Answer: Memorial Day

Question 3: What is the biggest pizza day?

Answer: Superbowl Sunday

Question 4: Which USA president was named Leslie King Jr?

Answer: Gerald Ford

Question 5: What birds can’t fly?

Answer: Penguins and Ostriches

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Trivia Sunday

Trivia Sunday


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  1. How many seeds in a Strawberry?
  2. What is the biggest beef day?
  3. What is the biggest pizza day?
  4. Which USA president was born Leslie King Jr.?
  5. What is a bird that does not fly?

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Day 11 of 30 Day writing Challenge

Part 2 of Three Pet Peeves

Today I was challenged to write about three of my Pet Peeves. I am going to write them in three separate blog posts, due to the emotional reactions these posts will evoke.

My second Pet Peeve is Wrong Way Drivers. In Florida, it seems like an every day occurrence to read in the newspaper,  on social media or hear on the new about another Wrong Way Driver accident. Most of the time the Wrong Way Driver survives the accident, however innocent children, adults and law enforcement workers are injured, maimed and even killed.

When will these senseless accidents STOP?

What will in take law makers to realize  cellphones have no place in cars. Drivers are already distracted by their over loaded daily schedule, add to this some are drunk or using illegal drugs, add to this the age of the driver (too young or too old) and top this off with 8 out 10 drivers are taking prescribed medications without considering how it impairs their  driving skills. Drivers have enough outside distractions already without texting and talking on cellphones.

As unpopular as my suggestion is…. I employ all law makers to make Cellphone laws to protect the public on the roads. I also feel we need stiffer laws and punishment for Wrong Way Drivers. A driver should not be arrested 7 times in a month and allowed to still drive on our public roadways.

My daughter’s best friend was killed by a distracted 80 year old driver. The lady was barely 24 years old. We need stricter laws to protect our society!

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