Worry Not Commandment

Worry Not

Why do we worry?  Does it solve the problem, fix the concern or make us feel better?

The answer is NO, NO and NO! Continue reading


Heart Warming Military Moment

Welcome Home from Deployment

Years ago Tony Orlando and Dawn sang a song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” to let soldiers coming home know they are wanted and welcomed.

The song and the history of the song is below.

Today we hold parades, welcome ceremonies, decorated neighborhoods with signs and flags to welcome our deployed soldiers, some which may have not seen in their family in over a year or more.

Recently a Florida mom got the shock of a lifetime, when her son surprised her at the school she worked at, after being deployed for two years.

Many years ago my brother surprised my step-mom for  her birthday.  Our very large family (not as big then, as it is now), were gathered at a local eatery to celebrate her birthday. My some of my siblings had arranged for him to come home the night before and not tell my step-mom and dad.

My brother Alex serves in the 101st Airborne and had been deployed for about a year.

As we were hanging out in the eatery, the doors opened and in walked my brother. At first my step-mom was unaware he was standing behind her. She screamed the loudest scream ever, before bursting into tears.

Proud to Be An American!

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Author Wen Dee

Is your Faith like a Palm Tree or Oak Tree?

Faith does not mean trusting God to stop the storm,
but trusting him to strengthen us as we walk through the storm.
Unknown Source

Are you a palm tree or an oak tree during difficult times?

When life hits a bump in the road or your day is horrid, how do you respond?
Some days our faith sways and bends, like a Palm Tree, though it never breaks.
Everyone experiences periods of darkness in their lives, due to money issues, illness, tragedy or other daily problems. Sometimes the roller coaster of live causes depression or a person to question their faith. We have a choice to remain strong, tall and steady like a Palm Tree or break under the pressure like an Oak Tree.

Have you ever noticed after a severe summer storm or hurricane the streets are cluttered with downed Oak Trees, however you never see a Palm Tree toppled over by the storm?

After a storm Palm Trees remain standing tall, steady and without any scars to show they
weathered the storm, while Oak Trees knock out power, crash homes and damage cars.
Our hearts and minds face struggles and batter storms every day. How do we respond?

Do we stand strong in our faith like a Palm Tree, trusting in the Lord to help us weather the storm or do we crumble and fall like an Oak Tree?

In stressful times, we sometime lose our faith, question the Lord, deny his existence and disregard His Words? We respond like Oak Trees battered by a storm.
The choice is ours to make, we can be strong like Palm Trees or break like Oak Trees.

On April 11th, 2016 (my sister’s birthday) our family’s home burnt to the ground in a fire.Though nine children and four adults are now homeless, my step-mom stood in front of the media cameras and thanked the Lord her family was alive. She told the world we stand strong like Palm Trees, united as a family and will come out stronger in the end.Despite losing everything to the fire, our family’s faith never wavered, we are Palm Trees!
When you are faced with a difficult situation will you choose to be a Palm Tree or an Oak Tree?

Have a blessed day!
Author Wen Dee