Orlando Shooting

My heart is broken for the families and friends of the 50 plus victims in the Orlando, Florida shooting, which took place at 2 am est today. 53 others are wounded, some with life threatening injuries. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

At 6 pm est tonight the Governor Rick Scott called for a moment of silence to remember those tragically killed today, as well as those fighting for their lives from their injuries and those who were not critically injured too.

He asked us to pray for the family and friends of the over 100 people injured and killed by the “American” gunman. Also we should pray for the gunman’s family and friends, as they too have lost a family member today.

Please also pray for the Orlando community, Florida and the LGBT community, all who were affected deeply by this tragic and senseless shooting.

I have friends and possibly family members who are gay, lesbian and transgender and respect their decisions to be happy and enjoy their lifestyle, in a peaceful environment.


How do we come together as a community, a state, a world, a society to stop these mass shootings from happening again and again?

How do we get our elected officials, the police, FBI, Home Land Security and others responsible for protecting us, to do THEIR JOB?

FBI agents knew about 911, Boston Bombing and other terrorist attacks before they happened, however nothing was done to prevent it.

This coward was an America born and raised child to Afghanistan parents, yet he took American lives.  The FBI had him in their radar, his employer said he talked about ISIS and his disapproval of LGBT community, yet nothing was done about it.

WAKE UP AMERICA, we are at war in our own homeland!!

Prayers to all involved by this horrific event!


Please your thought, prayers and comments below.


Author Wen Dee


Worry Not Commandment

Worry Not

Why do we worry?  Does it solve the problem, fix the concern or make us feel better?

The answer is NO, NO and NO! Continue reading

Trivia Sunday Answers

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Question 1: How many seeds in a Strawberry

Answer: 200 seeds

Question 2: What is the biggest beef day?

Answer: Memorial Day

Question 3: What is the biggest pizza day?

Answer: Superbowl Sunday

Question 4: Which USA president was named Leslie King Jr?

Answer: Gerald Ford

Question 5: What birds can’t fly?

Answer: Penguins and Ostriches

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Trivia Sunday

Trivia Sunday


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  1. How many seeds in a Strawberry?
  2. What is the biggest beef day?
  3. What is the biggest pizza day?
  4. Which USA president was born Leslie King Jr.?
  5. What is a bird that does not fly?

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Heart Warming Military Moment

Welcome Home from Deployment

Years ago Tony Orlando and Dawn sang a song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” to let soldiers coming home know they are wanted and welcomed.

The song and the history of the song is below.

Today we hold parades, welcome ceremonies, decorated neighborhoods with signs and flags to welcome our deployed soldiers, some which may have not seen in their family in over a year or more.

Recently a Florida mom got the shock of a lifetime, when her son surprised her at the school she worked at, after being deployed for two years.

Many years ago my brother surprised my step-mom for  her birthday.  Our very large family (not as big then, as it is now), were gathered at a local eatery to celebrate her birthday. My some of my siblings had arranged for him to come home the night before and not tell my step-mom and dad.

My brother Alex serves in the 101st Airborne and had been deployed for about a year.

As we were hanging out in the eatery, the doors opened and in walked my brother. At first my step-mom was unaware he was standing behind her. She screamed the loudest scream ever, before bursting into tears.

Proud to Be An American!

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