Orlando Shooting

My heart is broken for the families and friends of the 50 plus victims in the Orlando, Florida shooting, which took place at 2 am est today. 53 others are wounded, some with life threatening injuries. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

At 6 pm est tonight the Governor Rick Scott called for a moment of silence to remember those tragically killed today, as well as those fighting for their lives from their injuries and those who were not critically injured too.

He asked us to pray for the family and friends of the over 100 people injured and killed by the “American” gunman. Also we should pray for the gunman’s family and friends, as they too have lost a family member today.

Please also pray for the Orlando community, Florida and the LGBT community, all who were affected deeply by this tragic and senseless shooting.

I have friends and possibly family members who are gay, lesbian and transgender and respect their decisions to be happy and enjoy their lifestyle, in a peaceful environment.


How do we come together as a community, a state, a world, a society to stop these mass shootings from happening again and again?

How do we get our elected officials, the police, FBI, Home Land Security and others responsible for protecting us, to do THEIR JOB?

FBI agents knew about 911, Boston Bombing and other terrorist attacks before they happened, however nothing was done to prevent it.

This coward was an America born and raised child to Afghanistan parents, yet he took American lives.  The FBI had him in their radar, his employer said he talked about ISIS and his disapproval of LGBT community, yet nothing was done about it.

WAKE UP AMERICA, we are at war in our own homeland!!

Prayers to all involved by this horrific event!


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Author Wen Dee


Day 14 of 30 Day Writing Challenge

Social Media Class

Yesterday I attended a free class at the local library on using social media to promote and share your writing, artwork or whatever your business is. Continue reading

Day 11 of 30 Day writing Challenge

Part 2 of Three Pet Peeves

Today I was challenged to write about three of my Pet Peeves. I am going to write them in three separate blog posts, due to the emotional reactions these posts will evoke.

My second Pet Peeve is Wrong Way Drivers. In Florida, it seems like an every day occurrence to read in the newspaper,  on social media or hear on the new about another Wrong Way Driver accident. Most of the time the Wrong Way Driver survives the accident, however innocent children, adults and law enforcement workers are injured, maimed and even killed.

When will these senseless accidents STOP?

What will in take law makers to realize  cellphones have no place in cars. Drivers are already distracted by their over loaded daily schedule, add to this some are drunk or using illegal drugs, add to this the age of the driver (too young or too old) and top this off with 8 out 10 drivers are taking prescribed medications without considering how it impairs their  driving skills. Drivers have enough outside distractions already without texting and talking on cellphones.

As unpopular as my suggestion is…. I employ all law makers to make Cellphone laws to protect the public on the roads. I also feel we need stiffer laws and punishment for Wrong Way Drivers. A driver should not be arrested 7 times in a month and allowed to still drive on our public roadways.

My daughter’s best friend was killed by a distracted 80 year old driver. The lady was barely 24 years old. We need stricter laws to protect our society!

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Author Wen Dee

5 Problems with Social Media

Day 1 of 30 day Writing Challenge

In today’s society social media rules the world. Humans have lost the ability to communicate face to face with one another without texting, using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media outlet.

Another issue with social media is it can and does destroy lives. Sadly people of all ages, especially teens post all their “dirty laundry”, along with photos of themselves committing crimes, under age drinking, doing drugs, stealing cars, dressed inappropriately and more.  People of all ages forget that social media posts last forever, even after they are deleted an imprint is still in cyber space.

Today many businesses, schools, clubs etc. use social media as a way to determine if you a good candidate for the job, school or club. Many people have lost good jobs or have been in trouble at school due to a social media post.

Teens and adults meet strangers on social media everyday. Some reveal private information about themselves, trusting the person across the screen. Unfortunately not all social media users are nice, some are murderers, predators or drug dealers etc. Social media has lead to abductions, drug bust and even people being killed by someone they met online.

Some people use social media as a sounding board and cause drama to everyone reading the posts. Others become addicted to online sites, while they neglect their family members, as they spend hour after hour online.

One of the biggest issues with social media is you are exposed to the world.

My advice to anyone using social media is be cautious!

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Author Wen Dee