What does $20 buy you today?

What does $20 buy today?

Most people would say not much, what I’ll reveal to you will surprise you.

Yesterday I went on a journey to our local Dollar Tree and Publix, with ONLY $20 in my purse.

Prior to my adventure to the store I clipped coupons and researched Bogo deals.

Then I made a list of items to buy and attached coupons to my list, before I headed off to the stores.

Are you ready to see what $20 can buy?

20 dollar

I used a Printable Bogo coupon from Purina https://puppyhood.com/register, with a Bogo Publix deal I received (2) 4 lb bags of dog food FREE.

I used (2) .75 coupons for 9 Lives Cat Food and a Publix Bogo deal…. paid $2.36 for 2 bags.

I purchased 2 Freschetta Pizzas, per a Publix Bogo deal.

I purchased 2 Ham steaks, Bogo Publix deal, plus (2). 55 cent coupons.

I purchased 2 boxes of Boca Breakfast Scrambles (new product), on sale 2/$6, plus used (2) $1 coupons at Publix.

I purchased 2 boxes of Pasta, Bogo deal, used (2) .70 cent coupons. paid .20 per box at Publix.

There is more…..

I know your thinking this can’t be possible, I’m here to assure you it is true!

Dollar Tree:

1 loaf of bread

1 (4) pack of Hunts pudding

1 bag Sunflower seeds

1 Meatball Hot Pocket

1 bottle soda


You can do it too, it just takes organization, time and commitment.

Take the challenge and see what $20 can buy you.

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Have a Blessed Coupon Day!

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