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Welcome to Coupon for Newbies. I have been a coupon user for about 2 years now, as well a coupon blogger. I also have a very active Coupons for Newbies Facebook page with over 2,000 members. I love sharing my coupon experiences with others, while teaching others how to coupon and save at least 50% on their grocery bills.

My personal story:

I’m the wife and mother to a severely disabled spouse and adult daughter with Special Needs. I’m their sole caregiver and I am also work with Special Needs Children outside the home. Our family has hit rock bottom emotionally, physically and financially throughout the years. At one point about 2.5 years ago, we were flat broke, not even enough money to buy a gallon of milk. Our fridge/freezer were empty. I had not eaten in two days, because I wanted my hubby/child to eat the little bit of food we had. They are meat eaters, I’m a vegetarian (allergic to meat).

A guardian angel gave us an envelope with some cash it, that had to last us 2 weeks until the monthly disability checks arrived. I knew had to make the money last. I kept hearing people talk about couponing and how much they saved on groceries. I went home one day and researched the subject, signed up a FREE Coupon Beginners Class at my local library and started couponing. I joined local coupon websites and social media coupon groups too. 2.5 years later I’m teach others the “ART” of Couponing and how to get FREE groceries weekly!

Through couponing I not only made it through the month, I stocked my pantry, fridge/freezer with much needed groceries and had a few dollars left over (I started with $100). Several items were FREE and most items were BOGO deals.

I took the plunge into couponing and YES it was SCARY at first, but now it is second nature! 

Do you want to cut your food bill in half? Do you want to get FREE groceries and household items? Do you want to learn how couponing changed my life and will change yours too?

If you answered YES, please join me on this Coupon Adventure to Savings!

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