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Heart Warming Military Moment

Welcome Home from Deployment

Years ago Tony Orlando and Dawn sang a song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” to let soldiers coming home know they are wanted and welcomed.

The song and the history of the song is below.

Today we hold parades, welcome ceremonies, decorated neighborhoods with signs and flags to welcome our deployed soldiers, some which may have not seen in their family in over a year or more.

Recently a Florida mom got the shock of a lifetime, when her son surprised her at the school she worked at, after being deployed for two years.


Many years ago my brother surprised my step-mom for  her birthday.  Our very large family (not as big then, as it is now), were gathered at a local eatery to celebrate her birthday. My some of my siblings had arranged for him to come home the night before and not tell my step-mom and dad.

My brother Alex serves in the 101st Airborne and had been deployed for about a year.

As we were hanging out in the eatery, the doors opened and in walked my brother. At first my step-mom was unaware he was standing behind her. She screamed the loudest scream ever, before bursting into tears.



Proud to Be An American!

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World War ll Vets take a trip….

On September 13th, 2014 I was blessed to be part of a local event that honor WWll vets, while raising 30k dollars to fly 80 WWll vets and their guardians to Virgina and Washington DC. Friends of Fishhawk (a local non-profit organization in Florida) raised the 30k dollars needed to fund this trip in one night. Due to weather issues the October flight had to be delayed until April 21st, 2015. Honor Flight provides the vets this special honor during the 20 hour trip.  Continue reading